My name's Melina Vou, the founder of Vou La La (see what I did there?) and I'm a fashion designer and illustrator. An overly eager 16 year old, I started my career in fashion working in Topshop on the shop floor. I couldn't wait to start working in fashion in any way I could and this was the perfect way to get my foot in the door. I then worked as a fashion designer's assistant, learning everything from design, to production as well as scheduling and managing client fittings. Wanting to learn more about the business side of fashion, a new opportunity arose as a buyer and I grabbed it. This gave me all the tools I needed to launch my own label a few years later. Since then I have founded two labels.

In the early stages of my career in fashion, blogs were only just starting to take off. Until then, the only place you would see designer collections was on the runway, which realistically isn't the most honest portrayal of how clothes are worn. Runways act as a way of exhibiting the clothing, which were then made available to the masses via stores and e-commerce platforms.

When blogs became mainstream and with the rise of social media platforms we were able to see what designer clothing looked like on real women and it was groundbreaking. The clothing became more accessible and we could now relate to the story that designers were telling. This became the reality for all clothing labels, not just designer ones.

So inspired by global streetstyle, I began to create illustrations celebrating female fashionistas from all walks of life. Taking an image that inspired me and interpreting it in my own way in the form of a simple pen drawing is something that brings me joy to my core. 

As many artists, I lead with emotion and I'm sentimental at heart. I save every card I am gifted, usually tucked away in a box hidden in a random drawer in the bottom of my wardrobe, stumbling upon them unexpectedly during a spontaneous spring clean. This reoccurring theme got me thinking, "what if these sentiments could be displayed and adored every day?" Enter Vou La La. I design gifting essentials that are worthy of framing and displaying in your home, workplace, or wherever you desire. I also have a range of lifestyle products that feature my illustrations, all inspired by streetstyle from around the world.