Easter Friday!

So with it being Easter Friday and all, I figured it would be nice to break out of my style mold and bend my boundaries a little. I mixed some stripes with some boho and added some vintage accessories to bring some culture to the total look! My nautical inspired look wouldn’t have been complete without some touches of gold with accessories from Nostalgic Thread and a splash of red lipstick.

My day began with the completion of a new order for my jewelry company I run with best friend, Nostalgic Thread. I then ran a few errands for my own label and concluded with some coffee with my mum followed by drinks with friends in the evening. All in all, a great way to end a very busy week!





Shrug off the chills

Spring is slowly but surely creeping in. Personally, it’s my favourite season of all; you can experiment with layers in a more playful way, sandals are making their way back into our lives and you can freshly blow-dry your hair without the fear of a downpour that will make you look like the “before” shot of a Frizz Ease advert.

My Friday entailed sending out another order to a lovely customer as well as scouring through books for inspiration for my next collection. I wore a simple outfit comprised of earthy and nude tones. To keep off the rare chills I wore a wool shrug from my AW 13/14 collection and I got to wear my sky-high Topshop wedges.





Tailored Tactics

Today was a good day.  It started off with some alterations for an order that will be sent out tomorrow…the receiver of this order? All will be revealed soon!

I’ve been busy with line sheets, orders, finalizing collaborations and lots of other things. Whoever said running your own fashion label was only about designing pretty dresses was WRONG!

I’m excited with the direction my labels headed and I can’t wait to share this with you in due time.

I had a meeting this afternoon so I decided to go for a cool but tailored look. I feel that jumpsuits are such a cool take on the classic woman’s suit so I decided to wear one of my favourites from my first RTW collection from AW 13/14 (always representing the brand!).  The fabric is a British cashmere suiting blend and the details are leather. I love this jumpsuit because you can style it with accessories easily due to its neutral, earthy tone and the black leather gives it that edge that’s eye catching but not over-powering. My necklace is from Nostalgic Thread and I wore my super high wedged and boots for an extra “power-girl” feel.


jumpsuit  MVAW1315B




AW 14/15

After months of work, yesterday was the day we shot our AW 14/15 look book.  With this being my third collection, I can honestly say that it is the happiest I’ve felt with my work thus far.

Having a buying background makes you develop a “safeness” when bringing a collection together. Even though business plays an important role in fashion, as a designer you have let go of your inhibitions and tap into your fantasy realm.

I was extremely fortunate this season to have the pleasure of working with some real talent. The photographer for the shoot was Filep Motwary. Filep is extremely creative with years of experience in the fashion industry. He has true vision and enabled my work come to life.

I had a great team with great energy. All of this was the perfect recipe for a wonderful photo shoot

web_melina_vou_fw14_photo_filep_motwary_©_Dd web_melina_vou_fw14_photo_filep_motwary_©_Ff web_melina_vou_fw14_photo_filep_motwary_©_Nn web_melina_vou_fw14_photo_filep_motwary_©_Kk web_melina_vou_fw14_photo_filep_motwary_©_Mm

Back to Nature

With my next collection complete, it’s that time where we’re arranging shoot day. With this being my third collection, I’ve let go of all boundaries and really taking risks. Aesthetically, I’ve held a timeless silhouette throughout the line but I’ve experimented with textures. You’ll see harder fabrics, contrasting one another but very clean and minimal lines which holds true to my signature.

This past weekend I visited to location where the shoot will take place; A beautiful park in the centre of the city, hidden away behind trees and shrubbery.  My photographer recommended this sight after seeing my collection but I had never been before. In fact, I never even knew it existed. Walking through I felt like I was stuck between The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland…Tall trees surrounded me and unusual plants filled bare spaces amongst the various pathways.

Trying to build a successful label means most of my time from Monday-Friday is spent in front of my laptop, networking within the industry to perfecting techniques. As I walked into this park, I realized the beauty of nature and how this should never be ignored or forgotten. I was inspired.

nTgv0Pbm6sx3ItiHxQelmIgi45W-0Eqrlf5NlaZ14nA  y5QhU_ke92_E6rbqPymlwaCs7z0KAvYMJpfJjbvgeTY o9XYvsY0K1XPmSvg3pA3k9Wv39si4RvD8aKISDD0Aps 7WfB8O4gWoy_OL-fS6SV31coHG9dJZjkYDXcWQs8GrY

Made to Measure

I’m excited to announce that my label, Melina Vou, is now officially launching evening wear by order.

We are all unique and each deserve to stand out any occasion. Every girl should be able to embrace their individual style.

Consultations are free, either online or personally at my studio.

For further information contact me at: info@melina.com

What’s your style?


Skin Deep

I love me some black on black combo’s but it’s the contrast of texture that’s really tickling my fashion tatstes as of late. See, when you can look further than colour and prints you truly focus of things like texture and cuts. No distractions just how clothing is made and what it’s made of.  As a designer, part of my philosophy is to respect clothing to the core of it’s fabric and truly focus on what it is that I create; Beautifully made clothing with innovative construction is what I aim to do and what I’m constantly trying to educate myself on.

So with yesterday being Sunday, I experimented with this latest fetish of mine. I combined a basic black wool jumper with a cross-over mixed fabric skirt from Zara and a hip length suede coat with waxed patches, lined with wool from Mango.

It was the perfect choice which let me explore my current trend obsession and stay comfortable at the same time.


texture 1 Texture 2

V-ou La La!

So it’s been a little while since I last posted. I apologize. I can kind of justify this though; I’ve moved into a new studio/apartment, been busy on my next collection, working on new collaborations and I’ve also began an exciting new project will be an extension of my current label. So whilst I hate using excuses for myself, I do feel like I can be excused just this once.

Of everything that’s been occupying my time of late, the most exciting thing for me has been my next collection. Having studied interior design as well as fashion, I’ve always had a love for structure in contrast to texture. Parisian interiors have always inspired me to explore various textures and styles in contrast to one another. In the initial research stages of this collection, I began to wonder how this could be translated into clothing and how a modern woman who lived in these spaces would dress. Your surroundings are often a reflection of you and your personal taste after all.

I opted for olive greens, peppermint, ecru and off-white as my basic colour palette. The silhouettes are timeless with modern twists, as with new Paris interiors.

So in pictures, here’s a summary….

post0 post1 post2 post3